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A summary of answers to frequently asked questions about renting our castle

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Castle Glopper FAQ

How many people can stay overnight at Castle Glopper?
Emsersuite: 2 double bed rooms with bathroom
Jägersuite: double bedroom with bathroom & pull-out couch in the living room
Jugendzimmer: 2-bed room with shower
Can I have a church wedding at Castle Glopper?
Yes, in the chapel with up to 60 seated guests
Is a civil wedding at Castle Glopper also possible?
Can I hold a symbolic ceremony?
Yes, in the old tower with up to 60 seated guests.
Can I organize a dinner?
Yes. In the Grand Salon up to 25 people can be seated at two different tables. In the old tower up to 40 people can sit at round tables.
Can I host a big party?
A party with music and dancing is possible in the old tower.
Which caterers can I hire?
MO Catering, Seidl Catering, and Michael Häfele Catering. All three caterers are familiar with the infrastructure and procedures at Castle Glopper.
Is self-catering also possible?
No, the infrastructure at Castle Glopper is too complicated for self-catering.
Can I rent a terrace for having a BBQ?
Having a BBQ at Castle Glopper is only possible in connection with overnight stays or additionally for an event in the old tower or Grand Salon.
Can I do a photoshoot at Castle Glopper?
Yes, that is possible.
Will I have WIFI access as a guest at Castle Glopper?
Yes, WIFI with fiber optic technology.
Can I present my company's products?
Yes, that is possible.
If I stay at Castle Glopper, can I invite additional friends in the evening or for breakfast?
Yes, but it must be discussed with the landlord in detail.
Can I rent Castle Glopper for a private event?
Yes, that is possible.
Can I have a picnic in the front yard even if I'm not staying at Castle Glopper?
No, we ask for respect towards the potential tenants or guests.
Can I park at Castle Glopper?
Yes, there is capacity for 5 cars in the castle courtyard. In the last curve before the entrance to Castle Glopper (50m uphill), another 6 cars can park. At the entrance to the access road to Schloss Glopper (Reute School), free public parking is available.